The Rules of Marketing

One, don’t piss off your customer.

Two, make them feel valuable.

Three, give them more than they could possibly want.

Four, be consistent.

Okay, I don’t know the rules of marketing, but take a look at the offerings from MarketingProfs that accumulated in my inbox this afternoon.
MarketingProfs - an offer every four minutes

I imagine Sharon and Shelley fighting it out in the MarketingProfs office:

“I don’t care if they’re unlimited, I want to give them out at half-price!”

“Half price?  No, I say twenty percent off”

[one minute later]

“Maybe that’s a little stingy, how about thirty, it’s their last chance!”

[Four minutes later]

“Sorry Shelley for shouting at you, I was wrong. I miss our little chats, can you ever forgive me?

“Okay, fifty-percent! Can’t talk, he’s here!”

[Five minutes later]

“Oh my god, the server’s overheating. We’ve got to do something, quick reduce it to 20%!”

[Another five minutes later]

“Okay ladies, enough is enough. These are unlimited seminars, even if they are virtual. If you want to come in tomorrow, I suggest you put everything back as it was!”

Daft Cognition

This morning, glancing at the bookshelf I see PJ O’Rourke’s “Age and Guile…” but find myself thinking Polly O’Rourke.


Polly Jean of course, PJ Harvey!

The way we process patterns around us is something that’s recently piqued my interest, and increasingly something I’m trying to learn about. I hope to write more on this soon.

Welcome back to Halfway to Reality

After an unduly long downtime, it’s time to relaunch Halfway to Reality.

What am I doing here? It’s simple really.

There are lots of people I rate on the web, discussing topics from programming, interface design, through accessibility, usability, writing and content, to the emotional drivers of users and the businesses beyond. I’d like to credit these people, and hopefully raise and occasionally answer some of the questions that often fall in between the cracks of these subject areas.