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Simon presenting at Intranet Now 2018 – photo © Intranet Now

I am a digital workplace specialist, trying to weave together the threads of intranet best practice, content design and strategy, online learning, user experience, and human behaviour online.

In the 1990s, I moved from broadcast journalism into web design and development for some of the earliest online publications and manufacturing clients. In 2001, I started working on the website and intranet for the UK’s largest firm of architects and building engineers.

From 2012, I’ve been working as an independent consultant and contractor specialising in intranets and Microsoft SharePoint. In 2015, I was part of the team that won the Gold Intranet Innovation Award for the Barclays Global Academies, where I had been responsible for the interaction design in SharePoint.

It was this time working with with Learning & Development specialists that led me to start making connections between my experiences working in L&D, intranets, internal communications and change management. This became a conference talk at Intranet Now (2018), IntraTeam (2019) and Digital Work Disruption (2020). In this, I argued that closer integration of intranet and workplace learning can improve day-to-day working and management, support both top-down and bottom-up communications, and help drive company culture. Find out more at Lessons from Learning – the post

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